Cher client, l’activité du site fleur de lyst prendra fin le 31 octobre 2017, nous n’accepterons dorénavant plus de créations de listes.
Si votre liste est encore active, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter afin de procéder à la clôture et au remboursement de votre liste.

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Article 1. Object

The beneficiaries wish to organise their wedding, baby or gift list through Fleur de Lyst. To that effect, they have asked Fleur de Lyst to offer them a private and customisable area on its site.
For the purpose of the services described hereafter, friends and relatives of the bride and groom, of the parents or of the people who compiled the gift list will be able to access this area via a search engine.

Article 2. Compiling the list

The beneficiaries shall compile their list via a "gift ideas" catalogue Fleur de Lyst shall put at their disposal via their private area.
On their own responsibility, the beneficiaries are furthermore free to add any other "gift idea" products to their list. For this purpose, they will have access to a module that allows them to add photographs, descriptions and the (prices) budgets of the individual "gift idea" products they wish to add to their list.

Article 3. Booking gifts

Via their private area, Fleur de Lyst offers the beneficiaries an online or phone gift booking service.

Article 4. Paying for gifts

Fleur de Lyst offers the beneficiaries a payment service (by bank transfer, credit card) via which their friends and relatives can pay for the gifts they wish to offer them.
Friends and/or family have the choice of paying for the gift they have chosen via a payment system secured by OGONE or via bank transfer.

Article 5. Notification

On receipt of their friends' or relatives' payment, the beneficiaries are forthwith and automatically notified via their private area and by e-mail that a certain "gift idea" has been booked and that its price has become available.

Article 6. List management fees

The gift price comprises the value of the "gift idea" plus the transaction fees.
The value of the gift idea is set by the bride and groom, the parents, the people who compile the gift list at the time it is drawn up (in accordance with article 2).
This value is then increased by transaction fees of six per cent (6%), rounded up to the nearest whole number if need be.
The price featuring on the beneficiaries' list invariably and without exception comprises the actual value of the gift idea plus the transaction fees.
The value of the actual gift makes up a fund and is paid to the beneficiaries.
The transaction fees are the only charge payable for the service and are inclusive of VAT.

Article 7. Using your list

Transfer into your bank account
All the "gift ideas" that have been booked on behalf of the beneficiaries make up a fund which the beneficiaries are free to spend as they see fit.
As a result, all the amounts that make up that fund can be lodged into a bank account to be specified by the beneficiaries.
This service is free of charge and shall be performed as often as the beneficiaries request it.
The beneficiaries shall instruct Fleur de Lyst to transfer the amounts collected into their bank account via their private area.

Article 8. Duration

This contract will terminate by mutual agreement between the parties on an agreed date (eight months after the event). You can reactivate your list when you wish. Cancellation/retraction is not possible.

Article 9.

FLEUR DE LYST is a subsidiary of the SA IPM GROUP NV, rue des Francs 79 in 1040 Brussels – Enterprise no.: 0403 508 716

Article 10. Cancellation

In the event of fraud, abuse or any other form of improper use of a list or if warranted for the smooth running of the service, FLEUR DE LYST reserves the right to, without prior notice, cancel or close the list in question.

Article 11. Data protection

The personal data shall be used to manage the List and the Client Account opened with Fleur de Lyst and for statistical purposes. In accordance with the Royal Decree of 13 February 2001 implementing the Data Protection Act of 8 December 1992, Users have the right to access the data collected by Fleur de Lyst, to have them rectified and removed and to object to receiving this type of messages. To exercise these rights, simply put your request in writing and send it to Fleur de Lyst rue des Francs 79, 1040 Brussels, call 010/459.559 or send an e-mail to:

Article 12. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The present Agreement, including any acts ensuing therefrom, shall be governed by Belgian law.
Any dispute that cannot be resolved in an amicable fashion shall be exclusively submitted to the courts of Brussels for adjudication.